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Name: Gayelle
Nationality: Trinidadian


Gayelle The Channel came on air as a community television station on 16th February, 2004. Gayelle's reach now covers all of the Island of Trinidad free-to-air, and on FLOW Cable channel 07 to over 200,000 households. It is carried live on cable in Tobago in collaboration with TRICO Cable on channel 03 and in Grenada to over 12,000 more households on Cablevision channel 07. Gayelle is also available on the Internet through and on at broadcast quality all over the world.

This explosive growth is due to a revolutionary approach to television as a medium and as a service.

Gayelle has developed over 20 original television series and changed television viewing habits and assumptions in the Caribbean. Transmitting for 24 hours, 7 days a week, it is the only station in the region that premiers more than 10 hours of original programming every single day. Gayelle continues to facilitate the emergeance of new television talent through the endorsement of producers, actors and writers and its focus on 100% 'locally-flavored' television content.

For the first time in the English speaking Caribbean there is a free-to-air television station that stays in the Caribbean all day, maintaining constant contact with its audience by telephone, email and on location attempting to use the medium to provide a service - a channel - that people may see themselves and each other, share experiences and support community and individual initatives on behalf of all.

This is possible because Gayelle is not owned by any conglomerate, religious or political interest.

Gayelle has established a relationship with its audience which is unique and distinct. This relationship is an intimate one, where the community is assurred of access and ownership. Gayelle represents the appropriation of space on behalf of every single member of its community where none existed before - making real the slogan: "At Last We own Television!"

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